Artist Biography

Singer/songwriter Tracy Newman

has been playing guitar and writing songs since she was 14. Her CDs are A Place in the Sun, Just See You and a children’s CD called, I Can Swing Forever. Tracy was a TV writer and producer. She started as a staff writer on Cheers. In 1997, she won an Emmy and a Peabody Award for co-writing the groundbreaking “coming out” episode of Ellen. She also co-created the ABC comedy, According to Jim. For more details:

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Music Style: Holiday Folk/Singer-Songwriter
Influences: Merle Haggard


Band Members
Eric Scealf

Chattanooga, TN

Trippy Music, LOVE brokers. Let’s start a Chemical Reaction. We’ve got a FIRE to LIGHT!

Opus One Studios has released its new album, “Dream and Believe” in time for the upcoming holiday season. The Dream and Believe song tells the inspirational story of Ranger, the Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly and is a holiday song for the whole family. The second track of the album is the actual 28-min audio book version of the story. For the 2014 holiday season, radio stations are free to broadcast the entire story with credit to and mention that the full Mom’s Choice Award-winning book is available from or

Hometown: McLean
Country: USA

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Music Style: Christmas

Hometown: Ocean City
Country: USA

Music Style: Christmas Rock

Holiday music at it’s best. The Fabulous Gabriel has penned his original compositions to please all age groups. The holiday spirit is contained in each song on this wonderful CD album. The listener will truly enjoy the sounds of Christmas.

With the launch of their debut EP, Time in January of 2016, followed by their totally fan funded debut release showdown in summer of 2016. In 2017 the band released their debut music video for their single THE KING OF 1984 in July, followed by another single titled SAN FANCISCO MOTO which dropped in November. Performing on events such as MAGFEST, MAGSTOCK, Main Street Music festival, Thrillkiller has been seen on stages such as, Baltimore Soundstage, Merriweather Post Pavillion, and many others, the band has performed across the east coast keeping busy with an intense recording and touring schedule.

After the ciritcal success of their debut album, Showdown in the summer of 2016, Thrillkiller was quickly back in the studio recording new material. Released in the Spring of 2017, The King of 1984 pushes the envelope of the band’s musical crafting. Alongside the release of their new single, they have been hard at work filming their debut fan funded music video with acclaimed director Dewey Tron. After the success of their music video debut, Thrillkiller quickly began work on their follow up single SAN FRANCISCO MOTO working with acclaimed engineer, Tony Correlli. Exploring elements of old school funk, this is the most experimental and ambitious release of the band so far.

“I can’t think of anything that sounds like this” Gary Thorn, Shockwave Magazine

“If you are a fan of music at all, you owe it to yourself to give Thrillkiller a listen and meet your new favorite band of 2016.” C., Metal To Infinite Webzine

“Thrillkiller has the chance to be the breakout band of 2016” Andy Davis, Heavy Metal Time Machine

“Every track, member, and part absolutely slays, taking a wander down through the different levels of writing and mix never becomes boring. This is no cheap mock up behind a single individual, nor a gilded lily.” Si Marks, You Can Find Me On The Edge

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Music Style: Rock/Pop
Influences: Michael Jackson
We Sound Like: Michael Jackson

After a near 15 year absence

Freudz Couch has returned with the powerhouse EP ‘ego’ released in May 2017. Produced and Engineered by Nick Blagona, whose credits include a wide range of artists from The Police, to Deep Purple, Cat Stevens and everyone in between. 4 new original songs and a cover of the Phil Collins hit ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ complete the EP, available for download on Apple Music/iTunes/Spotify etc as well as limited edition cd found at

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Website: HERE
Music Style: RockInfluences: Led Zep


Having a love for music from a very young age, songwriter Tom Abbott has been playing guitar for over 8 years. Having experience performing in bands as a guitarist, he’s had a love for playing live but knew he wanted to focus on songwriting that was all his own. For the past 4 years, Abbott has been recording and performing as a solo artist along with taking gigs as a hired guitarist here and there. Putting together a group of his best songs, he decided to lay everything down to create a release. After months of hard work and dedication, the “Well Done” album was finally born. The record is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now.

“My sound has evolved a lot since my first release. The new album has twice as many songs, a lot more instrumentation, and a lot better songwriting in general. I feel like the album has a lot of variety. “Felicity” shows off the more Pop side of things, but it has the acoustic guitar and harmonies that are pretty much constant throughout the rest of the album. If this one is not your type, I’m sure there is at least one on the album you can enjoy,” says Abbott of his record and songwriting approach.

“Well Done” is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the songwriter is always working on new material for upcoming releases.

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Music Style: Indie Rock / Alternative Soul
Influences: The Beatles

Hometown: Boston

Collins and Streiss are a Canadian duo from the Toronto area. Formed in the summer of 2013. Their musical style covers a broad range of genres such as Folk, Rock, Alternative, Indie, and Jazz

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Music Style: Folk/Rock/Alternative/Indie/Jazz

Hometown: Richmond Hill
Country: Canada

Jengyz is a 22 year old musician situated in Western Sydney, Australia. Learning to sing and play guitar from an early age, he started to write his own songs from the age of 18.

Remember Me is the first single from Jengyz’s debut EP The Healers Call. Soulful singing & lyrics, combined with great guitar work (percussive fingerstyle); the song itself is both driving and emotional, with a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head.

Bolstering a bag of repertoire, Jengyz recorded his debut EP The Healers Call at the Skelletone Productions studio. He has received positive reviews for the EP all-round. “Wow, cool guitar work. The vocal is great and I love how it’s on top. The theme is great. Great job!”

Jengyz plans to release his first album River Of Dreams in the near future. “The songs are quite personal to me, yet I wrote them with the thought in mind that this music was meant for other people.”

Drawing his influences from artists such as John Martyn, Nick Drake & Matt Corby, Jengyz describes his music as something unique. “I love my John Martyn & Nick Drake in particular; they’ve really influenced my songwriting and guitar playing.”

Having just played a solo set at the Bald Faced Stag with a warm reception, Jengyz plans to play a number of upcoming solo shows. “Bald Faced Stag was great, really loved the reception I received there. Going to play a fundraiser gig and some other shows; it’s really awesome how much a stripped back sound can have an impact on the audience.”

For Fans Of: John Martyn | Nick Drake | Matt Corby

‘Remember Me’ will be in Digital Stores on the 8th of December.


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Artist Biography

Zanya Laurence, currently resides in the Mile High City & has been diligently preparing for the release of her third LP which comes out this month. But that’s only the latest chapter in her musical journey. Inspired by R&B/Soul, Jazz & Hip-Hop & melting them down into a fluid sound that is all her own, Zanya has incorporated her creative writing & raw emotion into the lyrics found on her independent releases, “Soul Theory”, “Always” & now “Stardust”, recorded at her studio, “Soul Spot Music”.

After moving back to Albuquerque from Los Angeles, she was nominated for several New Mexico Music Awards while performing locally & promoting her radio single, “Sunday”, with Howard Rosen Promotions. Before that, she graduated from the Vocal Institute of Technology at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA with training in theory & music business, while performing the area with her band in well-known venues such as the Knitting Factory, as well as cozier venues, like the Bliss Café’.

Born in southern California & raised in New Mexico, her musical evolution encompassed learning to play the classical guitar at her father’s knee. Starting in choir & band during her younger years, she moved on to writing & recording originals, eventually growing into the muse she projects in her work today. Although Laurence is compared to several established artists, her unique writing style & distinct voice can be heard through her passionate expression, phrasing & thoughtful delivery. At the end of the day, Zanya’s sound is truly one of a kind.

Hometown: Denver

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Music Style: R&B/Soul
Influences: Jill Scott
We Sound Like: Alicia Keys

Artist Biography

Becktoria – singer, songwriter and actress – born in Burma and educated in England. Having the ability to sing before she could walk she found herself on stage at her 1st birthday. This early interest turned into a passion and led to her classical training at the age of 11. From there, she went on to singing in the choir/school pop-band as a lead soprano. She also received distinctions and merits from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, and Trinity Guildhall.

Excelling in modeling, from print to runway since the age of 16, she has been recruited and scouted by the most acclaimed industry professionals. She has held titles in several pageants and a grand finalist for Miss Motors Formula-1 and Miss Monaco Grand Prix all while achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences.

From there, Becktoria moved to Los Angeles to study acting and train professionally. She received a Master’s degree in Acting and further training at the Groundlings Theatre & School.

Becktoria’s cover of Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge” received recurring airplay on 97.1AMP radio. Her remix of Selena Gomez’s “Hands To Myself” was also a popular hit, followed by her first single “2 Feathers” as well as her trending song “Be Mine” in France. Her collaboration on Ricky Rebel’s “Boys & Sometimes Girls” single charted on Billboard Dance Charts Top 50 for 9 weeks, with the highest peak at number 28.

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Musical Style: pop, electro pop, indie pop
PopInfluences: Adele

Hometown: Los Angeles
Country: United States

Ashley Hines and The Driven are dedicated to pleasing the fans. Originally based in Douglasville, GA, Ashley Hines (vocals) and Devonne Parker (vocals) met through a mutual friend in November 2010, and after an interesting audition, founded The Driven.

Born in Melbourne, FL, Ashley moved to Georgia at the age of 9 in 1999. She grew up in the music industry, her father being a professional sound engineer and tour bus driver for extremely famous artists. Along with active participation in her high school dance group, she was partnered with her sister in the group S4L (Sister4Life). Ashley learned to be at home with the hard work and dedication needed to rise above.

Devonne, born in Oceanside, CA, moved to Douglasville in 2008 after living in Japan. A natural dancer, he danced and sang at school as a youngster. After going through life’s trials, he realized that music was his calling. Raised in a Marine Corps household, Devonne learned early to focus on his goals.

Music Style: Hip-Hop/ Pop/ RnB
Influences: Michael Jackson

Vigodarzere, Italy – July 31, 2017 – ​Mastering the piano,
keyboard, and synth he knew he needed to round out his sound
with friend and fellow musician, guitarist Saccardo Sandro.
Together they create a stylish blend of melodic alternative rock.

“I’m Minotto Christian and I play piano, keyboard and synth. I love alternative rock and melodic rock. I compose music alone or with some others like a friend of mine Saccardo Sandro. Fun & Share!”

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Music Style: Alternative RockInfluences: Radiohead
We Sound Like: Interpol

Hometown: Vigodarzere
Country: Italy

Jessica’s Theme Band’s

first album is a solid, clean and true album, created with love and passion. It includes a few hard rock tracks (Hard To Be A Hero, Matter Of Time), and other more southern rock tracks such as Black Cat, It Happened Again, Big Story, Hold On Tight. It’s a mixture of all the genres of rock the band loves – from country to blues, and from rock to hard rock. It’s an album that became real as a result of the strong tie between the band members and the producer. They all created a particular sound to each of the album songs, forming the band’s unique musical identity.

Jessica’s Theme Band was formed in Athens, Greece, in 1989, by John Goudoulas, Jim Karahontzitis and Nick Agathos. They wanted to present a different view to covers such as Tush, I know A Little, Feel Like Making Love, Don’t Believe A Word etc as well as their own, original, material. Following numerous live gigs, collaborations with local acknowledged musicians, and even after receiving the first prize as band of the year in 1991 on a Greek TV show, the band was disbanded in 1994. After each member’s musical journey, they decided to re-unite with two significant additions: Tony Linaris on drums and Denis Kaskouras (a later member of the original band) on bass. With a complete line up, the band started working on its first album, in 2013, inspired by bands from the early seventies (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Bros, Molly Hatchet, Eagles), by various British bands like Bad Company, UFO etc and by Irish bands like Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher etc.

Hometown: Athens
Country: Greece

Email Address:
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd
We Sound Like: Jessica’s Theme Band

Charissa – Rising Star – A New Canadian Female Vocal Fireball

Charissa (pronounced KA-RISS-A) is a talented, up and coming 20 year old country artist from Burlington Ontario. She is presently storming the trenches of the country music scene with her powerful dynamic voice and her coveted soulful vocal brand – garnering airplay on a myriad of terrestrial country radio stations . Most recently her debut single I Got My Girls (W. Daniels/C. Pavlou – SOCAN) was picked up by CBC Country 171 on SiriusXM Canada where it remains in rotation.

Charissa’ distinctive voice has captured the attention of Canadian Country Music fans as well as her loyal local supporters who come out to watch this hard working emerging artist play at a variety of local venues.

Charissa’s journey as an artist began when she was 12 years old and catapulted from coffee house chanteuse to centre stage winning the Rising Star Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition. As a 12 year old she won, her age group 6-12 and went on to qualify for the Top 18 trumping 13-21 year olds and also the adult contestants. She won in the finals. “When I heard the judges announce my name, I just cried, I couldn’t believe it,” said Charissa, a Grade 8 student at Florence Meares School. “It was the best experience of the year for me.” Charissa put her $4,000 in winnings as the grand champion to good use and went shopping for a new guitar.

In addition to being an accomplished vocalist Charissa is a prolific songwriter. She is actively recording her first solo project in Toronto with Brian Gagnon (early Shania Twain) – the producer of her debut single. Charissa recently performed one of her new songs “Feel Good” live on the morning show with Craig Fox on Country 107.3 in Tillsonburg, Ontario. It’s a really catchy and upbeat Country/Pop tune co-written with Carrie DeMaeyer a prominent published songwriter from Milton, Ontario and it is sure to capture the attention of fans of “I Got My Girls”

Stay tuned for more great songs from this talented, unsigned rising star.

Hometown: Burlington
Country: Canada

Email Address:
Music Style: Country
Influences: Sheryl Crow

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Asked what inspired her to write songs, she commented, “I thrive on creating music and lyrics,
ultimately to enhance storytelling. Preschoolers have such vivid imaginations, and to be able to tap into that
space brings me much happiness. If I can engage and develop their musicality, even briefly, I feel I’ve
succeeded in my quest.”

Kitt Chapman, now retired and focusing on songwriting, was an Early Childhood Educator.

She has always loved music. At the age of six, she began her classical training on piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. At summer camp, she taught herself the guitar around the campfire. She sang in the church choir, played the cello and violin in high school, and dibbled and dabbled in miscellaneous other instruments, including the flute and teh harp.

After raising her three wonderful children, she had time to pursue songwriting.

Asked what inspired her to write songs, she commented, “I thrive on creating music and lyrics, ultimately to enhance storytelling. Preschoolers have such vivid imaginations, and to be able to tap into that space brings me much happiness. If I can engage and develop their musicality, even briefly, I feel I’ve succeeded in my quest.”

Parent and teachers alike are moved and delighted by the lyricas and melodis of Kitt’s children’s songs. There is a balance of education and fun, equalling EDUTAINMENT.

Another port for this prolific songwriter is adult focused. Ranging from instrumental to lyrical compositions, her themes imbu a respect for humanity and nature.

Kitt’s latest project is creating, producing and hosting a children’s radio show, for kids aged ten and under, called KittsKids.RadioRomp.

As an author her book SPECIAL (sing-along book), was just released and CAPTURED FIREFLY, is right behind it.

Hometown: Peterborough
Country: Canada

Email Address:
Music Style: singer/songwriter
Influences: Carly Simon


Danae is a pop singer/songwriter based in New York City. Her electro-pop goodness–much like chocolate, but for your ears–transcends the pop genre with varied production styles and nuanced meaning-filled lyrics.

‘Direction’, Danae’s debut single, came out the same week as Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ but the music lovers of HypeMachine sent the song to #39 on the Popular Charts. The next week, ‘Actualize’ hit SoundCloud and reached #10 on the HypeMachine Charts prior to it’s commercial release on May 6, 2016.

She followed up the release of “Direction” with her singles “Actualized” and “Gold In the Dirt” in late 2016 and early 2017. “Gold In The Dirt” has received a number of positive reviews since its release. The songs positive message about overcoming obstacles and pushing through has resonated with listeners.

Her single “Prove” was released in Summer 2017 in Europe and peaked at number 11 on one of the European Indie Charts.

Danae’s voice and writing have been shaped by her time spent living in Russia, Texas, and the Washington, DC area. After moving to Nashville in 2013, she collaborated with music producer Sarin Kuruvilla to cultivate the trending pop singer/songwriter genre in Music City. From there, she was able to connect with Los Angeles-based producer Phil Danyew who has toured with Foster the People, as well as Secret Road producer AG.

Email Address:
Music Style: Pop, Americana, Techno Pop

Dizzy Box Nine is a pop-rock band out of Southern California. They play melodic, radio-friendly pop songs that have nearly instant appeal. The lyrics are clever and tight, and the instrumentation is dynamic and full. Dizzy Box Nine has been influenced by a variety of musical styles, over a broad range of genres–from Blink 182 and MXPX, to the Cars, Train, and Tom Petty. Thier music is basic strightforward pop-rock with spashes of pop-punk sprinkled into the mix.

Singer-Guitarist, and band creator, Randy Ludwig, claims that this eclecticism is what helps give Dizzy Box Nine thier signature sound. “We have been inspired by all types of music, and this clearly shows in our songs.” There are no fillers here. Randy’s motto is “start fast”. And, these songs seem to captivate, energize, and even, inspire–from the very first second of the record, to the very last one. One thing is clear: the debut CD from Dizzy Box Nine is a well-put together recrod with something for everyone.

Hometown: El Monte
Country: United States

Email Address:
Music Style: Pop-Rock
Influences: The Killers

The Finnish melodic death/doom metal band Fractured Spine releases “The Price of Retribution” EP, shortly followed by three more upcoming EPs “Failed Pieces”, “Stolen Pieces” and “Remains”.

Celebrating 10 years since the first demo, “Anniversary Editions” of the first two studio albums “Songs of Slumber” and “Memoirs of a Shattered Mind” are also out this August, followed by a compilation album in 2018.

Composing, recording and working on the releases took more than 3 years. Mixing and mastering was done by Jeffro Lackscheide (US). The EP is published by Inverse Records.

Experimental, atmospheric, melodic. Although many death/doom metal elements are present in most songs, it would be difficult to categorize Fractured Spine strictly in that genre.

Starting out as a one man instrumental project, few songs were released to the public until 2012, with one notable exception being the very limited edition demo “Frost” in 2008. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre.

The line-up consists of two core members Antti (instruments, vocals) and Timo (vocals), with occasional visits from session musicians and guest vocalists.

Hometown: Hämeenlinna
Country: Finland

Email Address:
Music Style: Melodic Death Metal

Hometown: Västerås
Country: Sverige

Email Address:
Music Style: Indie folk rock
Influences: Kim Churchill
We Sound Like: Eddie Vedder


Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter who’s real name is Jimmy Wiltfalk. As soon as he picked up an instrument the interest for writing music emerged but the indie-folk has only been in focus for the last couple of years. The debut album Extrication Songs was released 2016 with a release tour in Sweden. Jimmy wrote all music and lyrics while also recording most of it in his own home studio. He also plays most live gigs alone as a one man band but he is sometimes accompanied by fellow musicians.

While not playing music or scribbling on a new song he is riding some kind of board or speaking for human rights. A commitment he drew attention too with the antiracist social media charity project and single “The dream is still alive” that was released as musicvideo on youtube and also for streaming on spotify/itunes. The song have been in first place on the Swedish independent chart and the musicvideo have had great success in Germany, France and England.

Now other musicians and producers have taken interest in his music resulting in new fresh remixes. First the EDM mixing skills from ELOW, an 18 year old wizkid from South-Africa. Then also the country remix of the song Colour by swedish drummer and producer Marko Vaunuveräjä.

Hometown: Cornwall
Country: Canada
Email Address:

Music Style: Rock

Email Address:

Hometown: CANNES
Country: France

Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète-Editrice et Productrice dont l’univers musical est la Pop Love Spiritual Française, Poétique et Mystique. Ecoutez-en quelques extraits:



Album Distribué à l’internationale sur toutes les plateformes existantes et à venir mondiales depuis le 7 sept 2017.


Paper Doll Scissor Fight

is a tightrope act. High above the crowd and sweating under the heat of the spotlights. On one end of the balancing pole is the sweet and the sultry. Pretty melodies that lull the spectators to a sense of calm. They smile down below and sway gently in rhythm with the tight rope as it dances under light steps. The other end is dark and harsh. It dips heavy with the ever-present threat of a misstep that would result in the crowd screaming as a blur streaks towards the hard ground. The debut EP represents this balance perfectly.

Band Members

Emma Wilson – vox, Derek Stinson – guitar and vox, Ben Issacs – ukulele, Mark Karaponda – bass, Cyndi Stinson – drums


Emperor Of Myself album – “Stagnation”

Autistic Warrior

I landed a recording deal with Tree Top Studios and I’m going to be
recording a love song inspired by my fiancee Heather.
When I get everything settled I will be doing more video podcasts I’ll do one
tomorrow morning before work to let the Joshua’s World fans know my plans
going forward. I will be bring forth a new outlook on music.

Peace Out



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Check out Chrissy’s latest release “You Can’t Stop This Girl”

And be sure to check out all of Chrissy’s music: Highlights include: Chrissy’s song Gonna Be is the theme song for the pilot tv show Pop School (Authentic Entertainment-Endemol). Chrissy’s song Real Woman has been licensed for Melrose Place, VH1 Single Ladies, and Prison Break.

Chrissy’s song Me Without You is licensed for the video game Music Monsters. 




Hometown:    NY, NY, USA
Genre Match: Woman, Pop, Dance

You Can’t Stop This Girl

Leaf Pile Radio

Collective Soul
Pink Floyd
United States

Mossback’s proven catalog of melodic hard rock and acoustic songs is in search of further exposure. Well received by the listening public, this 4 song mix adequately showcases both their talent and range. Music supervisors may receive Mossback’s entire catalog for free by reaching us on music submit or twitter at Thank you for considering our music.