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Provides the Best Online Rock Radio & Video, exclusive interviews, live DJ’s plus remasters of both classic & unsigned tracks!

When you join Leaf Pile Radio you get free radio mix hosting, access to publish your news items working with our team and a combined audience of



People across the Internet, Facebook and Twitter are spreading the word. Get your music out there, send us a demo.


We’re currently looking for DJs to fill a few of our free slots. You don’t have to commit to a live show as we’re capable of scheduling pre-recordings and uploading podcasts to your web page.


That’s why we have created this easy to use online recording tool called The Portal for all your broadcasts temporarily until using the live feature for broadcasting.

We mostly cover all that good stuff out there.

We have an open policy when it comes to our shows, as we appreciate that people have different tastes. Your show will be what you make it.

Many of our DJs are actively involved in their respective music scenes, but some are music enthusiasts.

Being involved with Leaf Pile Radio has given some of our DJs the weight they need to make connections. Internet radio is a good way to get your name out. Spread the word!


Server 1

Server2 – Live

Server 3 – Glistering Fun! [Check It Out!] “Tuns of Toowning Going on Right Hear!”

Server 4 [The Fear of Years and Years Against The Wind.}–>





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We are now accepting music for blockchain distribution! Looking for Artists, Bands, and Singer Songwriters! Visit our website, sign up, and send us your music!