Leaf Pile Audio Recorder to use for sending your demo to us.
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Leaf Pile Radio wants more DJs: Internet Radio is the exact same as any other radio station you've listened to, whether it might be in your car or at work
- it's the same.
However, Internet radio is a lot better. It allows you to listen anywhere - in the shower, cooking dinner or even in the comfort of your own bed. Wherever there is an Internet connection, you can listen to Internet radio.
Broadcasters use Internet radio to reach a worldwide audience, and it is extremely effective.
Get involved and message us today with your new program ideas!!
[Use this recorder to send us your demo]

Leaf Pile Radio's Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder with record, stop and pause!
(For computers and smartphones using Chrome browser)

Format: start recording to see sample rate


(Be Sure to *Save To Disk* Once Recorded - Then UpLoad)

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    Email To: leafpileradio@gmail.com