Submitting Videos

The Leaf Pile Radio & Television company is seeking video footage of wild, uncensored bizarre behind the scenes footage from past concerts of local bands to review for possible consideration to be released on to our web streaming station. If the success from sales of the DVD becomes lucrative, each Band Member of that group gets chosen to go on the stream and links will be curculated. After the programs air, it will say, “The Bands Name” plus we will include Bios, photos, links etc. on our website. This will be a huge promotional piece that the fans participate in buying to support them.

Radio/TV Release form must be filled out, singed and recieved prior to it being viewed on Leaf Pile. (we can also email it). You must supply all band materials to the e-mail address provided.

Leaf Pile Radio & Television Please include your release form and Video Master in .mp4 or .mpeg format only. You may also include a YouTube link if preferred. We are accepting the films & video footage through 2019-2020. Feel free to send us as about 5mins. of video footage of your band to stand out! LEAF PILE TELEVISION RELEASE FORM The undersigned enters into this Agreement with ______________________________________ ("Producer"). I have been informed and understand that Producer is producing a videotape program and that my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance and/or performance is being recorded and made a part of that production ("Product").

1. I grant Producer and its designees the right to use my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performance as embodied in the Product whether recorded on or transferred. This grant includes without limitation the right to edit, mix or duplicate and to use or re-use the Product in whole or part as Producer may elect. Producer or its designee shall have complete ownership of the Product in which I/we appear, including copyright interests, and I acknowledge that I have no interest or ownership in the Product or its copyright.

2. I also grant Producer and its designees the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, sell and otherwise distribute the Product, either in whole or in parts, and either alone or with other products, for commercial or non-commercial television or theater, closed-circuit exhibition, home video distribution or any other purpose that Producer or its designees in their sole discretion may determine mentioning Leaf Pile Radio & Television each time. This grant includes the right to use the Product for promoting or publicizing any of the uses.

3. I confirm that I have the right to enter into this Agreement, that I am not restricted by any commitments to third parties, and that Producer has no financial commitment or obligations to me as a result of this Agreement. I hereby give all clearances, copyright and otherwise, for use of my name likeness, image, voice, appearance and performance embodied in the Product. I expressly release and indemnify Producer and its officers, employees, agents and designees from any and all claims known and unknown arising out of or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations. These rights are granted to The Producer herein and are perpetual locally and worldwide.

4. In consideration of all the above, I hereby acknowledge receipt of reasonable and fair consideration from the Producer.

I have read the foregoing and understand its terms and stipulations and agree to all of them:


Name (Please Print) _________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone# (_______)_________________________________

Date _____/_______/_______

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our television content, or would like to add your video already produced to our schedule please contact us. For videos played here regularly, we require a small donation of $20 to stream live per video through PayPal only. Thank you for your understanding and support!