July 18 8:20pm 2016

J Lo

In a new interview with ET, Jennifer Lopez talked about her recent collaboration with HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on “Love Make the World Go Round.” Although the song was originally released to help the victims of the Orlando shooting, the singer says that it has “taken on even more meaning” in the wake of “a lot of senseless acts of violence going on.”

“When we finished the record, it was put out so quickly,” explained Lopez. “We did it one day, and the next day it was like, ‘OK. It was on iTunes.’ But I felt like people felt the urgency of it. The record company and everybody involved was like, ‘We need to get this out there right now.’ It’s been an amazing response from not just fans of mine, but people all over the world.”

She goes on to share, “It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done. When I sing the words, I really feel, I don’t know… There’s just something different about it than any other song I’ve ever done. I just feel like the world needs that message right now. The fact that love is the answer. Love is the key. That really makes the world a beautiful place. Makes it go round.”

Lopez also had nothing but praise for Miranda and shared that her family attended the Tony Award winner’s final performance on July 9th. “My sister, my whole family [have been] huge Lin-Manuel fans since In the Heights, so with Hamilton, I think we were on to it way before other people were. So, they know a lot of the songs from the musical. They were so excited to be there.”

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Watch Lopez and Miranda perform “Love Make the World Go Round’ on NBC’s TONIGHT SHOW: